Burial Options

We are respectful of all cultures & denominations. Our burial sections are split up into various denominations. Our biggest section is interdenominational and we also offer areas associated with Asian culture. Other areas are designated Roman Catholic, Ukrainian Catholic and Eastern Orthodox.

Green Burial

Rosehill provides green burial services for those who wish to reduce their impact on the environment. Green Burial is a spiritual fulfilling option as opposed to conventional burial, particularly for those who believe in the recurring nature of life.

Meadows of Rosehill Green Burial

Why Choose Green Burial?

  • Minimal Impact on the environment

  • Alternative to cremation

  • Effective land usage

  • Body returns to the Earth

  • Meadow promotes biodiversity and animal habitation

Casket burial can offered in two options:

Regular depth burial
Simply put regular depth burial refers to one casket being interred in a single grave at a depth of six feet.

Double depth burial
Double depth interment refers to two caskets being buried in a single grave, one burial at a depth of 9 feet and the second at regular 6 foot depth.

Any of our interment spaces can be used for either single or double depth interments.

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