Cremation Options

Rosehill Cemetery Columbarium Gardens

Urn Burial in Traditional Plot

This option is intended for individuals who want the flexibility to memorialize loved ones with either a flat marker, pillow style marker or traditional upright monument. The purchase of a plot in our regular sections would accommodate two urn interments and allow for a choice of monument placement.

Urn Burial on Existing Family Member Plots

Often family members desire to have cremated remains interred on family members plots that have predeceased. Rosehill permits up to two cremated remains to be interred on a traditional plot that had a previous casket burial. Permission from family members must be received in cases where the original plot owner did not provide consent. Second right of interment, perpetual care and open and close fees apply. Please consult our administration office for details and permission forms.

Rosehill’s Memorial Pathway

Created in 2014, our Memorial Pathway was designed for cremated remains interments. Cremation plots have been developed in a natural walkway setting dotted with benches, planters and statuary. Each plot can accommodate up to two cremated remains and granite memorial boulders are used to memorialize the plots. This has become one of our most cherished areas at Rosehill and is very popular with families.


Rosehill Cemetery offers two areas developed with Columbariums. The newest development is close to the 82 street entrance and has 5 new Columbariums for a total of 264 Niches. The area is completely landscaped and even has soothing music playing 24 hours per day. Niches can accommodate either one or two urns and have the individuals names and dates as well as designs engraved on the granite doors.

Private Columbariums

Similar to the columbarium, the private version is simply for two urns. Family and cemetery decide on location of placement within the cemetery grounds. Private Columbariums have become increasingly more popular in recent years.

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