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At Rosehill, there are no gates but we ask that visiting occur between dawn and dusk.

Yes, our policy allows for the interment of two cremated remains per grave. In some cases permission must be received from surviving family members before interment can occur.

Yes, we allow for double depth interment in all our sections except green burial area. The first interment is at a depth of nine feet and the second interment is at standard six feet depth. Both interments require the use of a concrete burial liner.

Yes, Rosehill Cemetery requires a concrete burial liner or a burial vault to be used. This is at the discretion of each individual cemetery and is not mandated by the City of Edmonton or the Province of Alberta. Each cemetery in Edmonton and the vicinity has this requirement. The reason for using a grave liner is to minimize the grave from future settling and movement, avoiding maintenance to the plot year after year.

*Note: Rosehill Green Burial Section does not require or allow concrete outer liners to be used in this section.

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